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Eternal Praise Manifested Glory Music Ministry

Eternal Praise Dance MinistryDance Ministry

Eternal Praise Dance Ministry began in November 1998 the ministry is solely dedicated to winning souls for Jesus. The word which best describes us are "soulsnatchers for God's kingdom. We are young women and men sold out for Jesus, following the vision of our Bishop Michael Smith and First Lady Barbara Smith. Eternal Praise stands for never ending praise unto the Father and we minister prophetically expressing salvation, delieverance, healing, and joy through dance with an annual dance recital. The ministry has extended within the past 3years Morning Glory our elementary age children and within the last year New Beginnings our women' s dance ministry. Romans 8:28 , Job 36:10-12 & Psalms 150

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Manifested Glory Mime MinistryMime Ministry

Manifested Glory Mime Ministry is a ministry of various ages that have been used, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to create skits derived from gospel music and portray these skits in the form of illustrations, gestures, expressions and movements that tell a story without speech. The ministry was founded in 2002, from then it continues to grow; developing a mandate to pursue the heart of God in worship that His will would be done. Many lives have been impacted though the messages (for ex., healing, encouragement, salvation, love, hope) that have been portrayed.

Manifested Glory's goal is to evangelize, through this form of creativity, to continue seeing lives changed and come out of the snare of the devil to return unto God with one true heart to serve Him.

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Power of Faith Fire ChoirMusic Ministry

The Music Ministry of the Power of Faith Church is a vital part of the vision of the church. The music department presently consists of the Fire Choir, Fresh Anointing, the praise and worship team and the Levites, the musicians. Each entity of the music department functions as a part of the ministry of helps and defines it's role within the vision of the pastor, Michael Smith. That vision has to do with winning the lost to the cross.

The Fire Choir of Power of Faith Church has been ministering since 1990. The choir was formed by Pastor Michael Smith to minister the Word of God in song. The choir was designed to allow those who have been called to the music ministry to develop and exercise the gifts and abilities given by the Lord to reach souls for Christ. The choir has ministered at various churches from New York to Washington, D.C. The choir has participated in various concerts and has opened for gospel artists such as Timothy Wright, Helen Baylor, John P. Kee, Tramaine Hawkins and the Thompson Community Choir.

Fresh Anointing Praise & Worship Team

Fresh Anointing was developed to lead our congregation into a worship experience that enlarges the presence of the Holy Spirit. Fresh Anointing is known for establishing a "flow" of music that often incorporates original stylings as given by the Holy Spirit. The team has ministered in various churches as well as the Women's Detention Center. The team understands the purpose of music and ultimately strives to lead the congregation into the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Levites minister instrumentally to the Lord. They assist in helping to provide a worship experience that not only ministers the Word of God, but brings deliverance, healing and inspiration to the hearers.

The music department is an integral part of the ministries of Power of Faith and also works in conjunction with other ministries within the church to produce major presentations during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

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